Realworks, LLC

LOMAS   "Letter of Map Amendment "

Flood Specialists Serving MA, NH & ME

Our Work is Done Fast, Accurate, and at a Low Cost
Realworks LLC was established in 2010 to meet the rapidly growing demand for Flood Elevation Certificates and LOMA Filings. Realworks is registered with FEMA to provide Elevation Certificates and submit LOMA Filings in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Unlike other engineering and surveying companies, Realworks specializes in providing only Flood Elevation Certificates and LOMA Filings. We use state of the art GPS equipment and as a result, our work is done fast, accurate and at a low cost.

 Reliable staff with over 30 years of professional experience in engineering and land surveying services. We have provided our services to property owners, condominium associations, property managers, real estate companies, and insurance agents.

Our projects have included high rise condominium complexes, including the Harbor Towers I and II, Boston, MA, high rise office buildings including One Memorial Drive Tower in Cambridge, MA, marinas and hundreds of single and multi-family homes. 

The process of obtaining a Flood Elevation Certificate and/or a LOMA filing with Realworks is quick, easy and reliable.  Simply submit a CONTACT FORM and we will provide you with a free quote.